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Take Action on Neely Henry LakeThe purpose of this page is to keep our members and the public informed of any activities that may affect our lake in a negative way. This will allow you to take action as appropriate (contacting local, state, and federal representatives, informing your neighbors, etc.)

In addition, we will be using this page to request volunteers for our various activities throughout the year.

August 7, 2023

Chandler Mountain Project

Neely Henry Lake Association Community:
At last week’s NHLA Community meeting, we covered a list of our concerns regarding the Chandler Mountain project (see below). A number of you had asked if we were going to provide a “boilerplate” set of comments for members to use…we have done that in the past when it was critical to get comments out about a particular project.

The comments are listed below. You can simply copy the comments, pull up the link to FERC ( below), fill out the required information, and then paste comments into the comments box on the FERC site. Of course, you can provide your own comments if you desire. The key is that we get as many comments sent in by Saturday, August 12, 2023.

Anyone in your family can send in comments, as long as they have a separate email address. We are encouraging all of our members to send in comments and to also forward these directions to all of your email contacts and to post on FaceBook. The more individuals we have on record with comments, the more attention will be paid to our concerns. We will also be posting this email and directions on our website and Facebook page.

I have posted my comments already and it is a fairly easy process. If you have any questions, you can email our president, Dave Tumlin (davetumlin@comcast.net) with any questions. Thank you for your support!

Dave Tumlin, Pres., NHLA

How To Submit Comments About Chandler Mountain Project

To submit comments on the Chandler Mountain Pumped Storage proposed project, use Project Number: P-15229 and the sub-docket number is 001. The full docket number is P-15229-001.
• For a comment up to 6,000 characters (between 860 and 1500 words) you can submit an e-comment. This DOES NOT require creating an account with FERC. Click here: https://tinyurl.com/chandlerFERC

(The following is to copy and paste…)
Comments RE: Alabama Chandler Mountain Pumped Storage Project (Project No.15229-001):

Please review my concerns involving the proposed project and potential environmental impacts to Neely Henry Reservoir.

* Please analyze and study the impact of supplying and refilling the proposed project reservoirs during drought conditions, excess rainfall when the lake may be lowered, or during normal operations. What will be the frequency and impact during each of these conditions? What would be the impact to pH levels, dissolved oxygen, turbidity etc. and would this result in a consequential major environmental impact that could affect the aquatic habitat and biota in Neely Henry Reservoir? Historically, these conditions have had an impact on Neely Henry even without the proposed project.

* Please provide an analysis of potential environmental effects on Neely Henry Reservoir that are involved with the project’s construction, operation, and maintenance. For example, could water temperature and dissolved oxygen be affected in a manner that would negatively impact the ecosystem? Also, should we anticipate an increase in the magnitude of silt discharges to Neely Henry and (if silt levels do increase) what are the environmental ramifications? (During construction activities associated with the project, what efforts will be taken to ensure heavily silted water will be contained and not released to “Little Canoe Creek East” leading to increased silt deposits in Neely Henry)?

* Please investigate and report on any impact that stored water being released from the proposed reservoirs would have on Neely Henry Reservoir. Is it possible water temperatures would increase thereby causing adverse environmental impacts?

* Historically, during major rainfall events, heavy run-off occurs along Canoe Creek and Neely Henry Reservoir. This leads to significant debris flow being experienced by landowners along the waterway. Please analyze to determine if this project will impact this issue and examine the corresponding impact to the environment and landowners.

Thank you for your review. I look forward to your response.

October 19, 2022

We Need Your Help!

A few weeks ago we posted information concerning the NHLA fishing-line recycling program that NHLA initiated some years ago. Since then, we have installed or replaced receptacles in the below locations. Also noted below are the members that have “adopted” these sites to be maintained during the year. As you can see, we have 3 locations that need to be adopted…Rainbow City, Southside, and Ten Islands.

If any of you are interested in adopting one of these sites, please contact Jerry McCain (205.913.8067) or Gene Phifer (256.390.4425). Once you volunteer, information will be provided to you on the “How To” of maintaining a location.
Thank you so much for supporting this very important NHLA project!!!

1. Hokes Bluff boat launch -Richard Dean
2. Tillison’s Bend boat launch – Richard Dean
3. Coosa/Gadsden City boat launch (2 receptacles) – Syndee Isbell
4. Jack L. Ray Park boat launch – Syndee Isbell
5. Rainbow City boat launch – No owner:
6. Canoe Creek Marina boat launch – Gene/Charlotte
7. St. Clair County boat launch – David Duckworth
8. Southside boat launch – No owner:
9. Ten Islands boat launch – No owner:

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