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At Neely Henry Lake Association, we’re committed to everything that promotes a clean, fun, safe, and sustainable lake for everyone to enjoy.

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Neely Henry Lake Alabama

Beautiful. Clean. Fun. Safe.

Protecting Neely Henry Lake


Protecting Neely Henry Lake as a beautiful and important natural resource is a very important part of what we do.

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Getting out and enjoying Neely Henry Lake by boat, kayak, canoe, or jet ski is amazing. Fish, swim or simply take it all in.


The more you know the better informed you will be. Stay up to date on the latest news regarding Neely Henry Lake.


We are far from being a sleepy organization! Learn about upcoming events that you may want to participate in.

Neely Henry Lake Association

Neely Henry Lake Association in AlabamaWelcome to the Official Website for the Neely Henry Lake Association! Learn everything you want to know about who we are, what we do, why we do it, and how you can too.

Who and what is the Neely Henry Lake Association?
The Neely Henry Lake Association was formed as a nonprofit environmental and recreational organization. Our goals are to preserve, protect and improve the quality of life in and around Neely Henry Lake.

Are you interested in volunteering a little time on one of the upcoming NHLA projects or events? We would love to hear from you!

Mission Statement

It is our mission to improve safety and water quality by working together with local, state, and federal agencies homeowners, and all people that use and appreciate our beautiful lake.

The Neely Henry Lake Association is based in Etowah County AL and serves the interests of the lake in the bordering cities of Rainbow City, Gadsden, Southside, Ashville, Ohatchee, Glencoe, and Hokes Bluff.

Making A Difference


Advovcated Boater Safety

The NHLA led the effort to have hundreds of acres of stumps and timber removed from Neely Henry Reservoir due to boating safety concerns. We also requested that the Alabama Marine Patrol and Alabama Power Company provide navigational markers to help improve boater safety.

Decreased Water Fluctuations

In 1999, the NHLA petitioned Alabama Power Company, the Corps of Engineers and FERC to establish a spring, fall and winter elevation level of 507 feet above sea level on the reservoir, rather than 505 feet. This improved boating safety and significantly increased property values and recreation/tourism.

Participated in Renew Our Rivers

The NHLA has been a key participant in Renew Our Rivers since its beginning in 1999. The program began on Neely Henry Reservoir and now covers most of the rivers in Alabama. More than 14 million pounds of debris have been removed from all participating areas.

Supported License Renewal

The Neely Henry Lake Association worked with Alabama Power Company for many years in the license renewal process for Neely Henry Reservoir. As a result, Alabama Power Company’s operating license was approved by FERC and the US Army of Engineers in June 2013.

Installed Fishing Line Receptacles

We placed fishing line receptacles at specific boat launch areas on the Neely Henry Lake for collecting and recycling used fishing line. Discarded fishing line is hazardous to many species of birds, fish and aquatic and semi-aquatic organisms as well as boat propellers and motors.

Participated Fish Habitat Improvement

Since 2005 members of the NHLA have worked with Alabama Power Company personnel to place hundreds of Christmas trees at various locations in Neely Henry Lake. The trees are secured to the bottom of the deep water of the lake with concrete weights. Good for the fish, safe for boaters.

Facilitated Water Wars Discussions

The NHLA is working with Alabama state agencies, local, state and national political leaders, other lake associations, environmental organizations, angling organizations, civic organizations and concerned citizen groups in an attempt to prevent future major water losses to Alabama.

Sponsored Educational Programs

The NHLA participates in the Message in the Bottle educational program, which is a component of Renew Our Rivers. This program was named after a 19 year old “message” found in a plastic bottle during a 2001 Renew Our Rivers event. We have been a sponsor of this program since its inception.

Communicated Lake Related Information

From the beginning, the Neely Henry Lake Association has made a concentrated effort to bring the latest news, events, and lake related information to all those who live on the lake and use it. Our website, social media, email notifications and public meetings help achieve this.

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