Fishing Line Recycles

The Neely Henry Lake Association Used Fishing Line Collection and Recycling Program

used fishing line recycling on Neely Henry LakeFishing on Neely Henry Reservoir is a tremendous recreational activity enjoyed by thousands of people annually. However, that many people using the lake for fishing activities creates the potential for used fishing line to be discarded in a manner that is a threat to wildlife living in or near the lake.

For example, monofilament and fluorocarbon fishing line do not break down in the environment for hundreds of years and have been estimated by NOAA to result in the death of thousands of birds annually (some listed as endangered or rare). In addition, used line also entangles/traps many other species of wildlife that occupy Neely Henry Lake and the associated shoreline. Also, improperly discarded line can damage boating equipment (e.g., outboard motors, trolling motors, etc.). For these reasons, the Neely Henry Lake Association is in the process of re-emphasizing the importance of our fishing line collection and recycling program.

For many years the Neely Henry Lake Association has taken the lead role on Neely Henry reservoir in addressing the problems associated with used fishing line in the lake or near the shoreline by emphasizing the proper collection and recycling/disposal of used fishing line. To accomplish this, we have installed numerous fish line collection receptacles at Coosa River boat launches throughout Etowah, St. Clair, and Calhoun counties.

Use Fishing Line Receptacle Locations

There is a total of 10 receptacles at 9 locations. Those locations are as follows:

  1. Hokes Bluff boat launch
  2. Tillison’s Bend boat launch
  3. Coosa/Gadsden City boat launch (2 Here)
  4. Jack L. Ray Park boat launch
  5. Rainbow City boat launch
  6. Canoe Creek Marina boat launch
  7. St. Clair County boat launch
  8. Southside boat launch
  9. Ten Islands boat launch (at Neely Henry Dam)

Although this lake preservation program has been successful, we have identified opportunities to improve and expand the program and we will need volunteers from our organization to assist in this effort. We will be distributing additional information to NHLA members about this important program and how you can assist us.

Thank you…

*Our thanks to NHLA board member Jerry McCain for both coordinating this program and building and installing new receptacles.

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